13/10/2019 Belmont Hall, Wellington, New Vegas


MAIN EVENT:  New Vegas Show Down
TIME: 10:00hrs to 16.00hrs

All main events will be held on Sunday 13th October, with doors opening at 10:00 giving people a very full day! Only official Wild West Exodus miniatures are allowed and your chosen Posse must be fully painted and based.
This fun orientated event will be run in three open play stages throughout the day, with each stage being 60 minutes of game play. Players can participate in as many stages as they want, with the ultimate goal to achieve the highest overall score on the day for their Posse. The more show downs that you compete in the greater the chances of the ultimate win. Each gun fighter will choose ONE Posse box to play with throughout the show down. Each gun fighter will only be allowed to use the contents of the chosen Posse box.

Wild West Exodus Painting Competition.
All Posse’s that are used on the day in any of the games will be automatically entered into a painting competition for the best overall fully painted and based Posse.

Wild West Exodus New Vegas Cosplay Competition.
A photo shoot for the living world of New Vegas! Come as an existing character from the WWX universe, a wild west themed civilian or military character and bring the world of the New Vegas Territories to life! Don't want to enter the competition then just share in the event and theme your outfit to the days of the wild west.

Open Play
To complement the Organised Play Event there will be Open play/demo tables giving opportunity to play friendly games of Warcradle Studios Wild West Exodus. For those that don't know the games there will be opportunities to learn the games and for others there will be many opportunities to play in as many games as you can and make new friends along the way! So bring along your Posse and get onto one of our tables and have yourself a game.

Chuck Wagon
The day will include food and drink. If you have any special dietary requirements please notify us before event day and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

Are you posse enough?

You see, it's a gun fight. We both have guns. We aim, we fire, you die.

Come and enjoy a great, unforgettable show!


Cosplay Rules & Regulations

Event organisers reserve the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets without refund at any event to anyone deemed to be breaking these rules. Moreover, the organisers and security for the event and venue reserve the right to reject any weapon or prop if deemed likely to cause a nuisance. If you have an unusual item or need further clarification, please email Note that no absolute assurance can be given without seeing and holding the item in question.

- no rounds of any kind (live rounds blank rounds etc) all guns must be completely empty of ammunition unless the gun physically cannot fire bullets.
- swords are to be peace tied at all times (unless for photography purposes).
- avoid weapons with live edges.
- Upon entering the venue all weapons will be checked for their security (so it can’t be removed from your person too quickly or taken without realising).
- when leaving the venue, hand your weapons in to be stored safely. (If you need to go outside for whatever reason).
- striking another with any form of weapon will result in a ban from the club and events.
- avoid sensitive iconography (if you have a symbol on a uniform or item of clothing you are unsure about, please discuss it with members of staff first).
- avoid nudity/indecent exposure.
- respect other people’s cosplays (don’t heckle or shame people).
- ask before hugging people in cosplay (it’s just polite)
- ask before taking photos (poses look better than someone chewing on a sandwich).
- don’t take inappropriate photographs.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in a ban from further events and the club itself. Questions to




  • 6 Old Bakery Row, The Parade, Wellington, Telford TF3 5DN

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